Service opportunities and forms

Find out more about why service in AA is important – AA’s Legacy of Service by Bill W.

As always, people interested in getting involved at the District level are encouraged to do so as there are plenty of positions to fill. Come to the monthly District meeting or see your meeting GSR (General Service Representative) for more information.  Please visit our homepage for information about the monthly meetings. Thank you.

Functions Committee

    • District 11 is seeking people to be a part of the always important Functions Team.  District 11 Functions Committee is looking for volunteers to help with AA functions that are held in District 11 5 times a year.  If anyone is interested, you can also come to the next District meeting or you can see your meeting GSR.  AA service is a great way to stay sober, meet new AA members and have some fun!

Treatment Committee

Bridging The Gap is a program that provides temporary contacts for people who are leaving treatment facilities. Contacts agree to contact the person, take them to six meetings, introduce them to other AA’s, provide them with a meeting list, and in general, get them started. You are not volunteering to be a permanent or temporary sponsor.

Sign-Up Form for Area 43 ‘Bridging The Gap’ volunteers ~ Click here for the PDF File

Request contact from Bridging the Gap form – Request Contact from an AA member

Corrections Committee

District 11 may be seeking volunteers to attend/conduct a weekly meeting at the Belknap County Jail. If someone was an inmate they have to be out for 1 year before they are allowed to come in as a volunteer. For more information please contact us at or please ask your GSR – General Service Representative of your AA Group for more information.  2021-2022 update: Please contact your GSR to see if this volunteer opportunity is still available.

The AA Prison Pre-Release program is similar to Bridging the Gap but for men and women who are getting out of incarceration

If you are interested in hosting an AA group/meeting or sharing your experience, strength and hope at the Belknap County Jail for women please contact their director of programs via the contact information below, If someone was an inmate  they have to be out for 1 year before they are allowed to come in as a volunteer.

Tamara McGonagle, MA

Director of Programs

Belknap County Departments of Corrections

76 County Road

Laconia, NH 03246

603-527-5480 ext: 1294

Direct Line: 603-729-1294



If you are interested in having the District 11 PI-CPC Chair contact you please email and I will forward you information to the PI-CPC chair.

Public Information:

Provide presentations and material to any public organization who wishes to learn about Alcoholics Anonymous. This includes health fairs, high school presentations, drunk driving schools, stocking libraries etc.

Cooperation with the Professional Community:

Presents to professionals whose jobs bring them in frequent contact with alcoholics and might benefit from a clear understanding of what AA does and what it does not do. This includes judges, doctors, nurses, parole and peace officers among others.