Please consult the CDC website for information on what steps you should take if you were potentially become exposed:

This page was set up by the webmaster for District 11 in regards to the changes happening to meetings during the time of the Covid19 \ Coronavirus concerns in the USA. This page is for information only.

Thank you and if you have any meetings that are temporarily suspended or moved or changed to a telephonic or online meeting please contact area 43 webmaster at:

Here in NH, the best source of information about meetings, groups and events is the Area website. at NHAA.NET

Some AA groups are deciding to temporarily suspend their meetings, either out of an abundance of caution, or because their venue is no longer available for group or public use. Check the list of suspended meetings at:

Groups are encouraged to stay in contact with members who stay away from meetings due to health concerns. Use of group phone lists, social media, or participating in online meetings may be helpful alternatives. For more information and to get assistance around attending a meeting in New Hampshire please visit

Thank you for your understanding!

From the Area 43 – New Hampshire Alcoholics Anonymous

11/2021 -Information on Exposure at New Hampshire meetings at the NHAA.NET website listed here:

More information from a federal level

Your risk of exposure to respiratory viruses like COVID-19 may increase in crowded settings, particularly closed-in settings with little air circulation, if there are people in the crowd who are sick. This may include settings such as conferences, public events (like concerts and sporting events), religious gatherings, public spaces (like movie theatres and shopping malls), and public transportation (like buses, metro, trains).

Other helpful information

The CDC suggests the following steps to prevent illness:

archived information:   

Updated information:

Additionally, the CDC provides guidelines to help you determine if you are in a high risk group for COVID-19:

Please also see the announcement from the General Service Office: