3/19/2020 We have received information that an attendee at 2 Laconia meetings has subsequently tested positive for COVID-19. We have made every effort to verify this information and believe it is accurate.
The individual attended meetings at the Congregational Church of Laconia, 18 Veteran’s Square, on Thursday March 12 and Friday March 13.
Anyone who attended meetings at this location on March 12, March 13, or any day following that, may have been exposed to the virus.
Please consult the CDC website for information on what steps you should take if you were potentially
Grace FArea 43 Chair
Pete VArea 43 Delegate


Hello Friends, Please check out this page for any District 11 updates and any links to helpful information during the year of 2020. This page was set up by the webmaster for District 11 in regards to the changes happening to meetings during the time of the Covid19 \ Coronavirus concerns in the USA. This page is for information only. If you have any District 11 meetings that you are suspending or changing please email the district webmaster to be included on this page.

Thank you and if you have any meetings that are temporarily suspended or moved or changed to a telephonic or online meeting please contact area 43 webmaster at:

3/2020 District 11 AA groups update

To Whom it may concern:

*I have just learned that the Bristol Federated Church (also known as the
Bristol United Church of Christ) has announced that there will be no
group functions in the church for at least this week.  For us, this
means that there will be no Monday night meeting of the Bristol Step
Group, or Tuesday night meeting of the Newfound Lake Group. Any change
in status will be updated as information is received.

*Update: Due to the ban that President Trump issued this afternoon/evening
banning all public gatherings of more than ten people, effectively
immediately and extending until Monday, April 4th, the Thursday night
meetings at the New Hampton Community Church are cancelled for at least
the duration of this gathering ban.

*Moultonborough Old Farm Group- Temporarily Suspended, church closed.

*Center Harbor- Friday night & Tuesday Women’s meeting- Open for meetings, NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS

**Laconia Congregational Church has closed its doors until further notice
**Amazing Grace Fellowship- The Dry Dock has closed its doors until further notice. 

*This effects 
Beginners Awareness Group 9am Mon-Sat & 1:30pm Sun
Loony Nooners Mon-Fri 12pm
BB Step Study Mon 7-8:30pm 
Up Close & Personal Sun 7:30-9pm
Happy Hour 530-6:30pm Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri
Tuesday Night 12 Step Group Tues 7-8:30pm
Tri Step Beginners Group Tues 7-8:30pm
Misfits Thurs 5-6pm
Thursday Night Original 8-9:15pm 
Ladies Night Out Thurs 7-8pm
Friday Night Men’s Group 8-9:30pmEarly Bird Step Meeting Saturday 730-8:30am
Sat Night Big Book Study 7-8pm

Afternoon Delight 3-4pm
Young People’s 7-8:15pm

Please be diligent in passing along the information and updates to your groups as you receive it to your group members. 

Again, if your group is temporarily suspending your meeting or making changes please contact area webmaster at:

Thank you for your understanding!

From the Area 43 – New Hampshire Alcoholics Anonymous

Area 43 Update on COVID-19

Start Date:  Wednesday, March 18th

In the spirit of Health and Safety for you and the NHAA Service Office Staff, the office will be closed to walk-ins until further notice.  We will continue to answer calls at 603-622-6967 and emails at office@nhaa.net, from 10 AM to 4 PM, and we will mail/ship all orders (literature and other items) placed via the phone, by mail or Online Store.  We will keep you informed of changes via the Web site and voice message. We wish you health and strength during this uneasy time and thank you for your patience with us.  

Your Service Office Friends

Out of concern for the health of all AA members, the following events are cancelled:

Pre-Conference Assembly      March 28

Area 43 Convention               April 3-5

Our Delegate will be exploring options to gather input from AA groups in NH regarding the agenda items for the General Service Conference. Updated information about this, and about the Convention, will be posted on the Area website as it becomes available.

The following event has been postponed:

            NHSCYPAA                           March 13-15

These decisions were not made lightly but the health of our members is our priority. Given the fluid and rapidly changing situation with COVID-19, it is essential that we all take precautions. The CDC has issued a bulletin about travel within the US. Contained within that is a statement about public gatherings:

Your risk of exposure to respiratory viruses like COVID-19 may increase in crowded settings, particularly closed-in settings with little air circulation, if there are people in the crowd who are sick. This may include settings such as conferences, public events (like concerts and sporting events), religious gatherings, public spaces (like movie theatres and shopping malls), and public transportation (like buses, metro, trains).

The full statement is available at:


As there is an incubation period before symptoms appear, there is a risk that the virus is being passed undetected. In settings where social distancing is minimized, that risk increases. The news is filled with cancellations: the NBA season is suspended, the Boston Marathon is postponed, Broadway shows in NY are closed. Yesterday (Thursday 3/12/2020) the NHSCYPAA host committee decided to postpone its convention. The same day the Northeast Regional AA Delegates cancelled their retreat, which was also scheduled for this weekend, March 13-15. There are discussions underway to convert the General Service Conference of AA to a “virtual” gathering. The General Service Office has cancelled all staff travel. Jails and other institutions are cancelling meeting commitments. Through our Northeast Regional Trustee, our Delegate has learned that, almost without exception, other Areas in the Northeast are cancelling events scheduled within the next several weeks.   

Here in NH, the best source of information about meetings, groups and events is the Area website.

Some AA groups are deciding to temporarily suspend their meetings, either out of an abundance of caution, or because their venue is no longer available for group or public use. Check the list of suspended meetings at:

If your group suspends its meeting, please let the Area know as soon as possible so we can post the information. The Area Registrar is able to temporarily remove meetings from the Meeting Guide app. Use this link to submit the details:

Groups are encouraged to stay in contact with members who stay away from meetings due to health concerns. Use of group phone lists, social media, or participating in online meetings may be helpful alternatives.

Other helpful information

The CDC suggests the following steps to prevent illness:


Additionally, the CDC provides guidelines to help you determine if you are in a high risk group for COVID-19: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/specific-groups/index.html

Please also see the announcement from the General Service Office:


Yours in service,

Grace F                                  

Area 43 Chair